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Spherical Tanks

List the safety qualities of spherical tanks built with earthquake-proof system IST central base.

1 - Subsidence of the uneven ground.
2 - Cyclic stress.
3 - Working in cold temperatures.
4 - The impact of the fire.
5 - The influence of earthquakes.
6 - shock wave caused by an explosion.
7 - Problem sloshing, high flexibility to the movement.
8 - Functions of the monolithic support of the spherical tank.
9 - Length of life of the ball.
10 - Highly elastic and strength that transmits the layer spherical bearing of the base.
11 - Unaffected by ground subsidence.
12 - Hermetically isolated spherical bearing.
13 - No problems with the structural strength to the spherical tank.



Sphere support columns ( Horton System ),for instability of the ground in region, it was decided to bring all areas of LNG safely with earthquake-proof system to avoid the upheaval oft he Spheres, with the consequence of a catastrophic chain.


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